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How to Transform Your Visual Branding and Attract Loyal Customers

A text based graphic reading "my product is amazing, why am I not making sales? This is for the post about transforming your visual branding.

Have an absolutely incredible product or service and still hearing crickets? 🦗

You might have the best service or product around, but this alone probably isn’t enough to attract loyal, returning customers. It can be SO mentally exhausting trying to market your business and getting nothing back, especially when you’ve poured your heart and soul into it. Chances are, it’s not your product—it’s your first impression!

A customer forms their first impression primarily from visuals, whether it's your shop-front, packaging, or social media posts. This means your visuals should reflect the amazing quality of your product or service. Here are some questions to ask yourself to check in with your brand and identify where your pain point might be 💥:

  • Am I proud of my brand?

  • Do my visuals represent my business values?

  • Am I connecting with the people I want to?

  • Is my branding consistent across all of my platforms?

  • Do my visuals evoke the desired emotions in my customers?

  • Does my packaging make my product stand out?

  • Are my social media visuals engaging and shareable?

I work with businesses to reflect their values and amazing products through transforming their visuals with bold, colourful branding. If you find yourself answering "no" to any of the above, get in touch!


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