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How to Connect with Your Ideal Customers: A Quick Guide

A coffee and labtop on an outdoor table

Connecting with ideal customers shouldn't be about making a quick sale, it should be about building and fostering REAL connections with REAL people that want your business to succeed. Whether you're selling coffee in a cafe or running a stunning stationery brand online, knowing how to engage with customers can be game-changing.

Step 1: Know who they are

Can't connect with people if you don't know who they are! Spend some time really nailing down who your ideal customer is. Who do you want walking through your door or sliding into your DMs? What do they like? What stage of life are they in? What other products do they love? Get super specific. The more you can picture someone, the easier it will be to connect with them.

Step 2: Be where they are

Once you know who your ideal customers are, think about where they spend their time – both online and offline. Are they scrolling through Instagram, engaging in Facebook groups, or attending local makers markets? Be super active on the platforms and in the places they are. If your audience loves Instagram, make sure your profile is engaging and visually appealing. If they’re at a market, set up a booth and start some face-to-face conversations.

Step 3: Speak their language

Look, I'm not going to lie, I am SO bored of reading the same boring tone of voice about products on Instagram (or worse, AI-generated text that sounds like you're vomiting rainbows). How do you talk in real life? Is it a bit more formal, or is it more casual and slang-y? I tend to use a lot of 'super' and 'SOOOOOO' adverbs in my TOV, along with a lot of capitals and emojis (because I'm a millennial). That's because I want to sound the way I talk, so people talk back to me.

Tip: If you're finding this hard, use the dictation feature on your keyboard! Then just say what you want to say without overthinking it.

Step 4: Offer value

This advice is doing the rounds online at the minute, but it is really true. If you aren't either engaging, entertaining, teaching, motivating, or uplifting your audience, you aren't providing them any value. Nobody likes a one-sided relationship. You can offer things like useful tips (like this post you're reading right now), a freebie recipe, motivational videos, or high-quality entertainment (this one is probably the hardest to get right).

When you provide value, customers are more likely to engage and stay loyal.

Step 5: Be Authentic

Authenticity is another major buzzword lately, but for a good reason! People can spot a fake a mile away. Be genuine in your interactions. Share your story, your passion, and the reason behind your business. Show the HUMAN side of your brand. Whether that's a behind-the-scenes look at your candle-making process or a day in the life at your café, people love being nosy, that's why all those vloggers in the 2010s became millionaires.

Connecting with your ideal customers doesn’t have to be complicated. By understanding WHO they are, WHERE they are, and HOW to engage with them authentically, you can build lasting relationships that benefit both your ideal customers and your business.


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