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Maximize Your Social Media Presence: The Advantages of Using Templates for Small Businesses

In this day and age, social media is a crucial part of any business's marketing strategy. But, creating stand-out, consistent, and on-brand social media content can be super hard, especially when you have limited resources. This is where social media templates come in.

Three mobile phones with social media templates shown.

Social media templates are collections of ready-made, editable designs that you (as a business) can go in and customise easily for different topics. I usually design social media templates for Canva, as that's usually a platform my clients are familiar with, but they can be pretty much provided in any design software, as long as you know how to use them!

Here's a few reasons why I think you should give templates a go in your business:

1. Consistency

Social media templates can help you maintain a consistent brand identity across all your social media platforms, which is essential for building brand recognition and trust with your audience and customers. If you use templates correctly, you can ensure that your branding, colour scheme, and messaging remain consistent across all your social media platforms, making it easier for customers to recognize and trust your brand.

2. Time Is Money

Templates can save you a tonne of time and money. Instead of spending hours designing new graphics and layouts for each post, you can use templates to create swanky-looking posts in just a few minutes. This can be especially helpful for businesses that don't have the budget right now to outsource a designer or social media manager full-time.

3. Social Media Optimisation

If you choose the right ones, templates are often designed to optimise engagement. By using templates that are specifically designed for different social media platforms, you can make sure that your posts are optimised for each platform's specifications, like aspect ratios and image sizes. Not only that, users are more likely to engage with content that is visually appealing, and social media platforms are known to give preferential treatment to posts that align with their specs, which means more engagement too.

4. Trendy AF

Social media templates can help you stay up to date with the latest social media and design trends. Branding designers usually stay on top of the latest design trends and best practices and put that knowledge into their templates, ensuring that you have access to the most effective design strategies for social media. Be careful not to switch your templates up too often though - having a consistent brand is arguably more important than keeping up with trends, so tread lightly here.

SO, social media templates have a lot of benefits for small businesses (like yours) looking to improve their branding and social media presence. By using templates, you can maintain a consistent brand identity, save time and money, optimise engagement rates, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Fair warning though - make sure you aren't just picking a cute template off Canva, changing some text and images and chucking it up on insta. Ideally you'll already have a colour palette, logos, and personal brand assets that you can carefully incorporate into whichever template set you go for. This takes a bit more time, but it makes it allll worth it, I promise.

If you want to improve your social media visuals, but really don't know where to start with your branding, consider working with a branding designer who can work with you on completely custom templates that meet your specific needs and already have your branding plugged in. That's where I come in! If you think this might be right for you then check out my services page and get in touch!

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