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Why I'm obsessed with packaging and why you should be too

I don't think it comes as a surprise to anybody that I love designing packaging for small businesses. The majority of my projects include packaging and it's mainly due to the fact I have a slight obsession with pretty boxes and tissue paper.

Tissue paper and sticker design for a bakery.
Tissue paper and sticker design for Cookies & Cream.

Other than my obsession with it, packaging is a key way to give your customers a creative insight into your values and your brand's messaging, so here's why I think investing in packaging design is one of the best things you can do for your indie business.

Shareability (Not a real word)

When you see somebody share a product or an unboxing video on their instagram, it's never just plain tissue paper and a generic card, is it? It's usually some bright, colourful packaging that makes them want to share it, and the more your product is shared, the more your audience and potential customer-base grows.

Box label design for Goodness Graze.


Being eco-conscious in 2021 isn't just a 'nice-to-have'. Almost every product-based business these days has some sort of messaging on their website and packaging regarding what they're doing to help reduce waste and emissions. Luckily, there's loads of ways to reduce your businesses carbon footprint these days, and it doesn't just have to be brown card and white paper anymore, either!

NoIssue is a great packaging provider which has a massive focus on sustainability, and sell loads of packaging that can be customised- tape, tissue paper, mailing bags, etc. So really, there's no excuse no to do more to save the planet, and look amazing while you're at it.

Thread & business cards, and thank you slips for Molly Archer Designs

Connecting with your customers

Custom packaging is a great way to show your customer that you really know who they are. One of the first things I do as a designer is ask who your ideal audience is, and focus on how we can specifically target your branding and design to them. You want your customer to open their package and immediately know what it is, and who it's from.

Increasing your value

A lot of business owners are put off by investing in packaging design because of the additional cost, but believe me when I say packaging can increase your profits! Packaging can take your product from a 'budget-friendly gift' to a 'must-have luxury'. Next time you're in a supermarket, take a look at the different brands. The own-brand, super-savings products all have a similar style, usually white backgrounds or a flat colour, with some pretty average fonts and little to no images. The luxury brands will all look similar too- you can tell the difference, right? Well your customers will be able to tell the difference when you spend that little bit extra on packaging, and because of that, you can up your prices.

I hope this post has convinced you to take that exciting step and upgrade your packaging! If you're looking for some guidance, or would like to hear more about my all-time favourite subject, get in touch!


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